Made for simplicity

Easily integrate Alternative Payments' Payment Widget which enables all the necessary processes for making a fast, secure, simple and personalized checkout.

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"Automagically" locate the consumer via the geo-location system and display the appropriate payment options, language, and currency.

No barriers

Eliminate cross-border barriers and quickly process payments from all over the world.

Payment comfort

Provide an entirely new shopping experience for every consumer.

Customer friendly

Display the appropriate language, currency and payment options to each particular consumer.


Customers do not need to worry about exchange rates, payment option availability or language barriers.

One contract, multiple payments

Process multiple payment methods with only one contract and an intuitive Merchant Portal.

Alternative Payments Branded Payment Widget

Your Brand. Your Way.

Easily implement the Payment Widget into your web shop or company branding. Create a unique experience for each of your customer and make the Payment Widget an integrative part of your e-business.

Reduce Checkout Abandonment.

Adopt the Payment Widget to a particular shopping event and boost sales. Important shopping periods are crucial for your e-business, and our team of designers will create a striking visual identity for your custom Payment Widget.

Alternative Payments Action Payment Widget

Payment options designed for each particular customer.

Present your customers their preferred language, payment options, and currency and never miss a sale!

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