A whole new way to pay online

POLi Payments offers users a whole new approach to safe, secure, and easy online payments. Established in 2004, POLi has delivered an innovative and intelligent software platform for Australians and New Zealanders to transact safely and securely online. With POLi, consumers use their debit funds to pay for online purchases rather than relying on a credit card. POLi payments are instantly debited from their bank account. Merchants will instantly receive a receipt of the transaction, which means you can feel confident delivering goods and or services immediately.

POLi is perfect for those who don’t have a credit card or prefer not to use it online. There’s no registration hurdle and customers can use it for free. POLi offers you a quick and simple way to increase your online sales and attract more confident buyers.

45% of Australian adults don’t own a credit card, so POLi increases your sales by giving you the capability to accept payments online from these potential customers. Alternative Payments provides the POLi payments method as part of their service offering to merchants worldwide, including customer support, integration and reporting. POLi offers a substantial improvement on existing online banking platforms with the added benefit of real time reconciliation errors.

    POLi offers a smart new alternative to using credit cards online:
  • - Debit Payment Method
  • - No Customer Registration
  • - Real Time Notification
  • - Payment without a credit card
  • - Free to Consumers
  • - Simple and secure

Product Description

Bank Transfer

Product Process

Upon purchase the consumer selects the option to pay with POLI. The consumer selects the bank of preference and logs in to home banking. Customer receives funds or purchase information instantly.

Product Sheet


Countries Supported

Australia and New Zealand

Merchant advantages

Enter markets with low credit card coverage
Lower risk of returns
Payment option familiar to the consumer
Trusted buying process
Increase sales
Accept more than just credit cards

Consumer advantages

Trusted payment method
No credit or debit card needed
Convenient, reliable, simple and secure
Access to more products and services
Language and currency localization
Simplified shopping experience

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There are a lot more payments options customers from all over the world
feel more comfortable to use and trust much more than credit cards.

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